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Trekking Tour In Ngapali


Departure time 08:00, Enjoy the hidden wonders of Ngapali Jungles, the grade of difficulty of this tour is medium there will be some climbing to the top of the mountain with a combination of flat walk on shaded trails to gradually keep climbing to the top 80m over sea level, on the way to the top we will enjoy views of the rice fields, Ngapali Damn, and some of the local day to day living, there are about 20 species of birds and about a 100 of insects to enjoy on the trails.

From the bottom to the top takes approximately 1 hour, than you can get to choose if you’ll like the short, medium or longer way down, they are just about 30 minutes apart in terms of duration to the starting point, you will be walking on a flat plateau at the top of the mountain for to enjoy the view of both sides of the ridge, on one side the Ocean and Ngapali on the other side the Thandwe mountain Range, both with breath taking views for those who love photography, there will be as many breaks as needed typically we have 2 or 3, all is flexible if you feel you need to rest just inform our tour guide.

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