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Breathtaking Scenery, Rich in History
Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inlay
8D7N @ 950/pax
Breathtaking Scenery, Rich in History
Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inlay
8D7N @ 950/pax
Breathtaking Scenery, Rich in History
Pure Spiritual Experience
Golden Rock
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The earth’s environment is under severe stress from uncontrolled human activity, threatening the survival of our society and the performance of Magado’s mission.

Magado accepts that it must work to preserve the environmental sustainability of the planet, at all levels of its operations 

Magado aspires to minimise its impact on our environment and maximise the effective use of resources. We strive to achieve this by increasing communication and awareness of our efforts in accordance with this policy and fostering responsible environmental behaviour amongst staff, volunteers, and users at all levels.

Magado is committed not only to complying with applicable law in all of its operations but to minimise risks and impacts through the development of robust and documented systems to implement, measure, monitor, and disseminate excellent environmental performance both within its operations and to the broader community.


This Environmental Sustainability Policy aims to integrate a philosophy of sustainable development into all the organisation’s activities and to establish and promote sound environmental practice in our operations.


Magado commits itself to minimising its impact on our environment through

Providing a safe and healthful workplace;
Having an environmentally sustainable aware culture, where responsibility is assigned and understood;
Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in our community;
Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling;
Using, in our own operations, processes that do not adversely affect the environment;
Ensuring the responsible use of energy throughout the organisation;
Participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding;
Taking steps to improve environmental performance continually;
Conducting rigorous audits, evaluations, and self-assessments of the implementation of this policy;
Working with suppliers who promote sound environmental practices; and
Enhancing awareness among our employees, volunteers, and users – educating and motivating them to act in an environmentally responsible manner.



  1. Magado will develop guidelines for staff, volunteers and users to adopt sound environmental work practices, and adequate training will be provided to ensure these practices are carried out.
    2. Magado will act responsibly to correct incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment. It will promptly report any such incidents to the relevant authorities, and inform affected parties as appropriate.
    3. Magado will, use reasonable endeavors to, reuse and recycle materials, purchase recycled materials, and use recyclable packaging and other materials.
    4. Magado will use all reasonable endeavors to that its services and products are safe, efficient in their use of energy, protective of the environment, and able to be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.
    5. Magado will use all reasonable endeavors to minimise materials and energy use, prevent air, water, and other pollution, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.
    6. Magado will use all reasonable endeavors to conserve energy by improving energy efficiency and giving preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources when feasible.
    7. Magado will, use reasonable endeavors to, utilise its particular knowledge and experience to contribute to environmentally sustainable techniques, technology, knowledge and methods.
    8. Magado will use all reasonable endeavors to contribute to the maintenance and increase of biodiversity through its management of its landholdings.
    9. Magado will use all reasonable endeavors to meet or exceed all applicable government requirements and voluntary requirements generally observed in its field, and will, in addition, adhere to the more stringent requirements of its own environmental policy.
    10. In order to continually improve its environmental management system Magado will use reasonable endeavors to conduct audits and self-assessments of its compliance with this policy..
    11. Magado will maintain an open and honest dialogue with staff, volunteers, stakeholders, and the public about the environmental, health and safety performance of its operations and services.
    12. Magado will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that every employee, volunteer and contractor is informed of and expected to follow this policy and to report any environmental, health, or safety concern to management so that prompt action may be taken.

Sustainable accommodation policy

We are committed to ensuring accommodation suppliers are made aware of our key sustainability goals and objectives. Standard sustainability clauses are being integrated into contracts with accommodation suppliers and signed accordingly. We will always offer multiple accommodation options and include traditional homestays where possible to provide a deeper cultural experience, whilst increasing benefits to local communities. Our accommodation suppliers must agree to no forced labour or child labour, among other conditions, and we ask that they actively support community involvement and development initiatives. Preference is also given to accommodation providers that work with international sustainability certification schemes.

Social policy & Human rights

Magado commits to sustainable internal management by having clear written and well-communicated social policy by; 

Granting employees the freedom of employment and contract termination with advance notice (ideally minimum one month) and without penalty  

Including labour conditions according to national labour law and a job description in the employment contract; 

Mentioning the wage rate in the contract which is equal to or above the national legal wage; 

Determining and compensating of overtime working hours based on mutual agreement; 

Providing medical and liability insurance according to the national law; 

Granting employees fixed paid yearly holiday and sick leave and unpaid annual leave allowance; 

Having health and safety policies for employees which complies to national legal standards; 

Having first aid sets and trained staff available at all relevant locations; 

Obeying to national concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment; 

Creating a team environment which allows employees to voice out there concerns and critics and make suggestions for team improvement 

Having a clear disciplinary procedure that is effectively communicated to employees; 

Having a measurement system for employee satisfaction on a regular basis; 

Providing periodic guidance and training for employees on roles, rights and responsibilities regarding health and safety issues. This includes fire and relevant natural disasters;  

Creating opportunities for students that participate in traineeship/internship/apprenticeship; 

Encouraging employment opportunities for persons with special needs;   


Magado commits to practice human rights by; 

Declaring not to hinder trade union membership, collective labour negotiations and representation of members by trade unions; 

Participating and complying with (sector wide) collective labour condition negotiation structures (if locally existing) 

Prohibiting discriminations, regarding recruitment, conditions of employment, access to training and senior positions, or promotion in terms of gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, religion/beliefs or sexual orientation; 

Ensuring that all employees have an equal chance and access to resources and opportunities for personal development through regular training, education.


Internal management Policy


Magado commits to environment and community relations by; 

Actively reducing the use of disposable and consumer goods; 

Favouring the purchase of sustainable goods and services, office and catering supply, give-aways and merchandise; 

Purchasing products in bulk, in order to reduce the amount of packaging materials; 

Setting copy and printing machines by default to double-sided printing or other forms of paper saving modes; 

Printing brochures on environmentally friendly paper, with a printing company that works with a certified environmental management system, if locally available at reasonable costs; 

Implementing measurements to reduce brochure wastage or an ‘internet only’ policy; 

Having an active commitment to measure, monitor and reduce energy consumption; once own place is given or landlords agree 

Calculating and compensating CO2 emissions and compare different periods; 

Purchasing green energy and energy efficient lighting for all areas, when available; 

Switching off Lights and equipment when not in use, using automatic switch on/off system with timers or movement sensors and setting equipment by default in the energy saving mode

Preferring low energy equipment when buying new items, including considerations of cost and quality; 

Having an active policy to reduce water consumption, implemented and monitored on a monthly or yearly basis for benchmark purposes; 

Using sustainable water sourcing, which does not adversely affect environmental flows; 

Installing water saving equipment   in toilets, re-use waste water and/or collected rainwater; 

Complying with the national legislation concerning waste disposal; 

Developing and implementing a solid waste reduction and recycling policy, with quantitative goals; 

Taking measures to reduce the amount of packaging materials and not provide non-recyclable or non-biodegradable package materials; 

Taking action to reduce the amount of (non-re-fillable) plastic bottles of drinking water for office use; 

Separating all materials which can be recycled and organize collection and proper disposal; 

Implementing waste reducing methods when using ink and toner cartridges for printing and copying, whenever feasible; 

Recycling or properly disposing batteries; 

Complying with national legislation of wastewater treatment, which should be reused or released safely; 

Minimizing and substituting the use of harmful substances and manage properly the storage, handling and disposal of chemicals; 

Using lead-free and water based paints, both inside and outside, when locally available; 

Implementing practices to minimise pollution from its buildings (as far as being able to be controlled by the company); 

Measuring and reducing staff related travel and use more sustainable modes of transport;  

Calculating its emissions, with the aim to reduce and compensate, through a reliable locally available programme; 

Financially encouraging employees to use public transport or sustainable means of transport;  

Reducing transport related impacts by tele-work, tele/video meetings, work-at-home policies or other means; 

Maintaining and properly checking motorized company vehicles, to reduce emissions and energy use and make sure they comply with the legal emission standards; 

Providing periodic guidance, training and/or information to all staff members, about their roles and responsibilities with respect to internal environmental practices; 

Complying with land use, zoning and protected or heritage area laws and regulations; when planning, designing, constructing, renovating, operating or demolishing company buildings and infrastructure; 

Sustainably planning, designing and constructing of new buildings or renovations, on locally appropriate and feasible sustainable practices and materials; 

Contributing to the protection and preservation of local historical, archaeological, culturally, and spiritually important properties and sites, and not impede access to them by local residents;  


Sustainable excursion policy

We ensure that all preferred excursion suppliers are aware of our sustainability objectives and encourage them to adopt a responsible approach. Each supplier is made aware of our sustainability policy and we are developing relevant codes of conduct for sensitive excursions. All excursion suppliers must commit to respect basic human rights and fight against child exploitation. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers understand the importance of taking sustainability issues seriously. Excursion providers are required to evaluate how ethical and responsible their services are and train their guides accordingly. Protecting biodiversity and wildlife at each destination is also a key priority.

Marketing messages and product information

Magado will never promise more than it can deliver or provide a false impression of the destinations in which it works. We take full responsibility for our actions and strive to create a positive impact through our activities on the environment, customers, employees and communities. At all times we monitor and ensure active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international values. We communicate relevant sustainability issues to our clients in the destinations they visit and provide options for those who wish to donate or give back. An extensive list of products and destination information is accessible online for guests to access. We also provide customers with full support during their journey with Magado and have guidelines in place in the case of emergency situations.


For questions and remarks related to our sustainability policies, please contact George at magadotravel@gmail.com