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Q : What do I need to enter Myanmar ?
Ans : You need to have a visa or approved letter before entering to Myanmar. You can either Get the visa online or apply at the embassy.
Q : What is the best season to go to Myanmar?
Ans : From October to March is said to be the high season of Myanmar and it is the best time to visit to the country.
Q : When can I Dive at Myanmar?
Ans : Diving is available from October to April.
Q : What currency should I bring to Myanmar?
Ans : You can bring USD or Euro. There are a lot of exchange counters in airport and downtown, so you can easily exchange them.
Q : How and where I can enter the country?
Ans : You can enter the country from one of the three international airports (Yangon, Mandalay, NayPyiTaw) and one of the three international land border checkpoints (Tachileik, Myawaddy, Kawthaung) with the eVisa.
Q : How do I exit from Myanmar?
Ans : You can exit from the country from one of the three international airports (Yangon, Mandalay, NayPyiTaw) and one of the three international land border checkpoints (Tachileik, Myawaddy, Kawthaung) and Htike land border check point as well.
Q : How many days can I overstay ?
Ans : There are no limitations for overstay but you will need to pay 3 USD per day at the airport when you leave the country.


Mergui Islands Nature Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Meeting

newsMergui Islands Nature Conservation and Sustainable Tourism meet attended by Parliamentarians in Naypyidaw- 4th June, 2017.​ The meeting was held at Hotel Royal ACE attended by Minister U Ohn Maung, Serge Pun and People’s Hluttaw and National Hluttaw members of Tanintharyi Division.

​A Zoning Map was presented and discussed at the meeting and a Marine Science scholar presented unique attractions and marine diversity of the Tanintharyi Islands.

7 June 2017


Tanintharyi tourism committee seeks finance help from international finance Cooperation

newsTanintharyi tourism committee seeks finance help from international finance Cooperation. The Myeik Archipelago is made up of more than 500 untouched islands that have huge potential as a draw for tourists. However, Tanintharyi Region has a lot to improve for better tourism industry. To open up for more infrastructures such as airport facilities and transport to and from the islands, the assistance from the IFC is needed.

The Government has already opened up the phases such as Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan for tourism purpose. Since According to the ASEAN economic policy, people can free to invest. The Tanintharyi Tourism development committee is also intending to invite the investors from other countries.

There are only 12 islands to local developers among hundred islands across the Myeik Archipelago. The current hotels and hospitality capacity cannot keep up with the demands of tourists. More rooms, Diving camps and Dive training schools are needed to develop tourism.

Travelers will be visiting numerous islands, enjoying the scenery, going fishing and doing some other activities. Thus, it is an opportunity to create employment opportunities.

The Tanintharyi tourism has been promoting the Myeik Archipelago as a destination for tourism in numerous international events including ASEAN tourism forum which took place in Singapore.

7 June 2017

Shwedagon Pagoda to be submitted to UNESCO world heritage tentative list

yangon heritage tourThe Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture have been trying to submit Shwedagon Pagoda and Primate fossil site in Pondoung in Central Myanmar to be in United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural organization’s (UNESCO) world Heritage tentative list after discussing with UNESCO officials and relevant professionals.

Shwedagon pagoda is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar and it is believed to contain relics of Buddha. Historians and archeologists maintain that pagoda was built by Mon people between 6th and 10th centuries. According to Legend, the Shwedagon pagoda was constructed more than 2600 years ago which make it the oldest Buddhist stupa in the world.

Poundong area, the fossil site which is the proof of the Stone Age humans lived in Myanmar and there also existed creatures in Myanmar prior to the period of humans. It can be firmly said that there were living beings in Myanmar 40 million years ago.
The culture sites in Myanmar on UNESCO”S tentative list include the ancient cities of upper Myanmar: Inwa, Amarapura, Sagaing, Mingun and Mandalay, Bagan Archaeological area and monuments, Inle lake, Mon cities of Bago and Hanthawady; Mrauk-U archaeological area and monuments and the wooden monasteries of Konbaung Period.

7 June 2017

Endangered tortoise species successfully breed

newsNature and Wildlife Conservation Associtaion( NWCD) , the wildlife conservation Society (WCS) and Turtle Survival Association(TSW) has started the conservation of the turtles since 2011.

International Union of Conservation of Nature’s (ICUN) has regarded the 12 out of 26 Turtle and Tortoise species in Myanmar as endangered and critically endangered list.
The endangered Species of turtles and tortoises are the Southern Mangrove Terrapin, Northern Mangrove Terrapin, Myanmar Roofed Turtle, Keeled Box Turtle, Rakhine Forest Turtle, Spiny Turtle, Bigheaded Turtle, Myanmar star Tortoise, Yellow Tortoise, Asian Brown Tortoise, Myanmar Narrow-headed Soft-shell Turtle and the Myanmar Peacock Soft-shell.

Among them, Keeled box turtle and the impressed tortoise are not included in breeding program as their habitats are in hill forests located above about 3000 feet above the ground.

Conservationists have bred ten turtle and tortoise species successfully which regarded in endangered list. Myanmar Star Tortoises and Myanmar Roofed tortoises could even be released in forests after taking care by conservationists. The other species are not ready yet to be released.

The main reason of the turtles and tortoise being endangered is illegal trade mainly happen with China, Thailand, Hongkong, Japan, Europe and the US via Thailand.

7 June 2017



Zoning Map for Mergui Archipelago is revealed at Sustainable Tourism Workshop Held in Kawthaung

newsMCRB ( Myanmar Center for Responsible Business ) and Fauna & Flora International start a week of Sustainable Tourism Workshops in Tanintharyi District, two days discussion mainly focused on Myeik District attended by around 60 local people involved in tourism industry, and Myanmar tourism experts.

U Myint Maung, Tanintharyi Minister for Natural resources and environmental conservation, who opened the workshop has stated that it is necessary to balance develop between Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung, Tanintharyi’s three districts and the only way that tourism can be successful is to be done sustainably as well as profitably.

The presentations from the first day include the presentations on the market for costal tourism in Tanintharyi, international competitors for the area and experience learned from managing their development.

The presentation example for the community based tourism in Indawgyi, Kachin state was discussed along with the discussion between communities from islands of Myeik Archipelago about how they saw CBT supporting development.

FFI presented the over four years work to indentify environmentally sensitive areas to allow for governments to take decision on permitting and regulating investment and other activities.

These workshops are the result of the December 2016 discussion in Dawei, and the work FFI and MRCB have been undertaking to support the Myanmar Government and business-led Tanintharyi Tourism Development Committee.

Maps and presentations : https://www.dropbox.com/…/dx3qht…/AAD_El6qlwIxfROcsrfYWmtLa…

22 May 2017

Green Season Programme

View of Temples, Bagan, MyanmarThe ministry of Hotel and Tourism of Myanmar has held a meeting upon how to improve the tourism in Myanmar at Panda Hotel at May 2. In the meeting, Minister has stated to improve Myanmar as year-round tourism destinations. Green season tour programme is the first step to it. Ministry is also cooperating with Cambodia for implementing “Two countries, one destination” which is a programme where Bagan and Angkor Wat become one destination in one package tour programs. Almost all of the Domestic airlines, hoteliers and restaurant owner will all participate in the green season promotion and reduce their prices as much as they can for tourists who want to visit to Myanmar. The Green Season promotion package price will be at least 30 percent less than normal price.

22 May 2017